Parents Hub

The idea is for the Parents Hub to be a place for unemployed as well as employed parents and single people to meet, learn new things as well as develop personal skills. This project will mainly benefit parents and children from the Eastern European community, although everyone is welcome! Parents will be able to meet and at the same time children will be under professional care.
At the beginning the idea is to start from 3 sessions a week of 3 hours each for the parents where they will be able to identify what they would like to do (depending on people’s priorities), while being able to leave their children for 3 hours in crèche nursery from Monday to Friday. Each of the 3 sessions will concentrate on one subject:

English language(day to day language, health and safety and job search)
Starting your own businesses(start-ups, bookkeeping, funding)
Training(identification of the individuals e.g.: qualification equivalent)

During these sessions children will be looked after by a qualified multilingual nursery worker. At the nursery children will be able to learn English and Maths. At the same time children will have a chance to develop their own skills and abilities by participate in different activities such as music or art. It will be a great opportunity for the children to integrate with other children by playing and learning together in the group. It will be a good preparation for future education for the children.
Funding for the project has been awarded by Health Trust Lottery for 24 months and is accessible and functional location of Scunthorpe with aim to become permanent service.


All of the adults are welcome to learn and expand your capabilities and skills and become part of the local community and join our organized local events and projects.

Parents will learn:

Class and sitting room

Sitting Room
Area to relax and socialize
Main classroom
Where studies take place
Secondary class room
Basic computer and internet skills

Childrens Hub

Professional nursery worker will make sure that the kids are safe and busy with activites while having fun while and learning.

Children will learn:

Children playgrounds

Activity room
For all the activities in class
Outside secure playround
Crafts and Basic learning
Where kids learn while having fun