What our clients can expect

Our philosophy can be simply stated: we work with our clients to assist them in their both personal and financial matters. We understand that providing expert advice and help is a given, what clients want/expect is superior service.

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When you join our membership, the cost of your regular services is reduced to £12.50 a week, so you don't have to pay at each visit. In fact the cost works out at just a few affordable pounds per day. As a member, you will also enjoy all the services available at your convenience.
Confidentiality is important to our company because we aim to build a trusting relationship with all our clients. We will not share information with third parties except in specific situations in which we are required to by law or there is a potential risk of harm to the service user or others.
Our core values are - honesty, integrity and respect for people and communities. These are reflected within our principles, which set out our responsibilities to customers, employees and business partners. Our promise is: we will treat you in most respectful way possible and deliver highest standard of service.

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We're now able to accept payments online via WorldPay!

You can pay here directly to us via WorldPay secure payment system!
It accepts most cards, its secure and safe way of paying for our services.

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Refund policy

Our refund policy is in addition to your rights as set out in terms and conditions of our contact agreement signed at the beginning of the contract. If a client sends us money via Worldpay and requests a return of the money, we can offer them a refund minus any of Worldpay costs and after taking into account any time costs and disbursements incurred in relation to the matter to that time unless we are prevented from doing so by law. Refund will be only considered with 7 days from payment.
If you need any assistance with a payment you have made please contact us for further information